The Occasional Independence Day Hot Dog Decorating Contest

DSC03222Pretty much no way of not sounding like a sore loser on this one, but the fact is: I was robbed.

Who else wrapped their hot dog in bacon? Who else utilized ancho and chipotle chocolate shavings? Who else used good mustard? Who else paired their hot dog with an ’07 Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy? No one but me.

And still, I was not most appetizing, most creative, funniest or best overall. Those accolades were reserved for the inedible “angel” hot dog, the “porcupine” hot dog and the “palm tree dog leaning against a hot dog log” hot dog. I won’t even mention some of the others. The shame in them is that they didn’t beat some of the pathetic winners, because Jake’s “clam sticking his tongue out dog” was actually pretty cool.



Black Eyed Peas said it best: “They don’t want music.” It is hard to be an artist in a land of rednecks. I must remember that competition in art is silly. I’m proud of my hot dog, so shoot me for my necessary rant.


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