Stained glass unappreciated, Part 2

He says art; she says clutter.She may be a Wonderful Beer Wife, putting up with yeast on the ceiling, allowing vacations to be planned around brewery tours and whatnot, but she doesn’t seem to like my recent tendency to create “living” stained glass art in the kitchen window.

She’s complaining again. Time to “clean up.”


5 Responses to Stained glass unappreciated, Part 2

  1. chris32 says:

    i feel ya! my cage and cork collection is now in a grocery bag looking for a new home. yeah, they kept falling into the sink anytime a strong wind blew through the open windows, but they were so cool sitting on the window sill!


  2. Ben says:

    I think the stained glass collection looks great! Over the years I have slowly taken over a small room in the back of our house. Coincidentally, the room happens to be cool, dark and perfect for my aging beers, fermenting beer and miscellaneous brewing equipment. I don’t know what I would do without this room. I guess my stuff would be in the basement covered with mold like my belongings from my bachelor days.

  3. Glenn says:

    Sounds like the restaurant needs some “art”. Quick move to a shelf placed strategically around the bar area??

  4. Wilson says:

    Glenn–I’ll try to remember today to take a picture of the stained glass that we have going at the Burrito. It’s cool and spendy.

  5. Good Burp says:

    That is pure ART! Who would complain about an amazing piece of “self expression”? I creat art like that on a weekly basis. Some are better than others.

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