Lucky me

lbUsually, when I eagerly anticipate a new beer, it’s big or black or barrelled. But this ain’t usually. For some reason, I’ve been looking quite forward to the stuff of Omaha’s spanking new Lucky Bucket Brewing to hit the market.

Nope, it ain’t big, and it ain’t bad. It’s a pre-Prohibition lager crafted by former Upstream brewer Zac Triemont and his tasty new enterprise. I find myself awaiting this lesser-exciting style because Zac’s Upstream days garnered awards and happy taste buds. This beer should be great. In a non-Russian Imperial way.

So I cut the grass and popped one open. And I was not disappointed. Crisp, refreshing and with a perky hop profile, this beer’s only problem is how quickly it vanishes from the glass. I simply don’t know where it went. Quaffable, I guess. Good. Great. Stop licking the glass. No, I can’t.


One Response to Lucky me

  1. Good Burp says:

    This is good to hear. I have been following them on Facebook. They seem like a great group. I am pulling for them. I hope I get to try their brews soon.

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