Why Beer Tourism is Better than other Geek Tourisms

Have you ever been to the monument to Oakes and Oliver Ames? Probably not, unless you’re a serious railroad buff. They’d be the only ones very interested in seeing this now defaced Wyoming monument to a pair of railroad rascals entrenched in the Credit Mobilier scandal during construction of the Trans-Continental Railroad. If you’re into that sort of thing, I bet it would be a fun trip.

Road Trip GasJust as it would be a right rush to attend a big comic book convention if you’re into that sort of thing. But possibly not as cool as donning your Storm Trooper Costume at a Star Wars Convention.

Rubbing shoulders with other like-minded individuals is certainly a good deal of fun. Meeting Leonard Nimoy to some would be akin to those of our beery ilk meeting the likes of Garrett Oliver or Tomme Arthur.

But in plain words, beer trips are better, and here’s why: With beer tourism, you not only see the places that are important to you, you not only fraternize with others like you, you not only take in the atmosphere that moves you, but you also get to taste your trip. You also get to smell your trip.

Only foodish geeks (beer, food itself, wine and bourbon, among others) get this additional layer of pleasure built into their travel. And that makes it better.


One Response to Why Beer Tourism is Better than other Geek Tourisms

  1. pdtnc says:

    What a lovely analogy 🙂 Beer as an extra layer of vacation experience 🙂

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