Happy Freakin’ Yeast

DSC03090I really hadn’t planned on brewing last weekend, but since the yeast I used to brew my latest batch of Shindig Belgian Pale Ale had been so horn-alicious, blowing the airlock off with such force that it stuck in the ceiling above (slight hyperbole), I decided to bum some grain from Monte and brew a quick fiver onto the yeast cake come kegging time.

The yeast in question: Wyeast 3787. The beer to follow: a patersbier brewed with 9 # pils and an ounce of Tettnang hops for bittering and an ounce of the same at knockout. Simple as a monk’s life.

Holy Fermentation, Batman! I checked on the carboy the next day and found that again the airlock had gone kaboom! I replaced it with a new one, and the next day, kaboom! Gone again. Plenty of headspace, mind you. Just a whopping fermentation.

If I had a place to put it, or the time, I’d brew again today, just to make use of its enthusiasm. As it is, all my kegs are full and I’m going to have to break down and bottle, something I haven’t done in a long time.

So I close with a New School blessing: May your grain be plentiful, your hops abundant and all your yeast happy.


One Response to Happy Freakin’ Yeast

  1. Wilson says:

    BTY, no yeast starter here. I just smacked the pack the day before brewing and pitched away.

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