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Electric BurritoA quick, self-indulgent post, if you don’t mind. With the roadtrippin’, vacation taking times upon us, I thought I’d point out that there’s this cool little place in Iowa worth checking out.

There really are reasons to hit Iowa as a destination, but if you’re like me this summer, your trips will be to places like Wisconsin and Colorado. The great thing is: Iowa is right between the two, so at the very least, one might jump off the Interstate and buzz down a blue highway and all the inherent atmosphere.

Anyway, I finally put up an Electric Burrito Facebook page, and thought I’d pester you to visit and become a fan. Send your traveling friends our way, as we seek to spread the good word on good beer.

Highlights of that sort:

1. Our beerlist is nearly all Iowa-brewed beer (no BMC and only 3 Mexican beers as compromises–it’s a Mexican-esque place, after all)

2. We host monthly tastings/classes (The Beer Education Project)

To get back to regularly scheduled beer blogging, I thought I’d point out that poor Michelle’s out of town, so she’ll be missing out on whatever Greatness Kyle and I come up with for Saturday Beers. I’m thinking Russian Imperial…


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