A day trip of movies and beer

dsc02970There are many ways to serve. One is to run for public office and help The People. Another is to work with the multi-facetedly disadvantaged (pick your disadvantage). Another is to rock (liberation through music is so important). And then there’s keeping tabs on the world of beer. Mostly these days, I serve in the beery way.

Saturday, Wonderful Beer Wife and I took a little road trip to Cedar Rapids for the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, and selflessly also made a few beer stops. To help you guys out. (I’m sure Jonathan will be glad I’m off my butt and uploading not only a couple of reviews to The Beer Mapping Project, but also photos.)

Plans change. Who cares what the plan was? You just need to know what happened: time became an issue, so we stopped in at the Cedar Rapids location of Granite City for an appetizer and a beer. Me: bock. Michelle: stout. We: artichoke dip. The beers were decent, and the artichoke dip was dandy. But there are better beery options, and I don’t feel like beating any dead horses. So I’m not even going to bring them up. I’d just interrupt myself with an anti-corporate rant.

We attended the afternoon session of the film festival (this is a whole other element of public service, details about which shall emerge soon).

Then we went to Old Capitol Brew Works. Brother Matt had told me there was a change in the works (ie: a switch to a production facility in another town), and I found that to be the case. The change is Paul Krutzfeldt moving to Davenport for the purposes of Great River Brewery, and OCBW will be pouring those beers, as they are already. In a couple of months, canning and distribution should be happening. Yippee! I hope I can get some in my neck of the woods. We tried all five beers available and then rewarded ourselves with a pint of the brown ale, which we both thought was right tasty, the clear winner, and the one for a thirsty person.

Then, we hit John’s Grocery, an Iowa beer must-go. Yep, they’ve got the best selection you could hope for in Iowa, including a lot of higher abv stuff I didn’t realize you could get since so many breweries skip Iowa. The bigger love is all distributed through the state and taxed like liquor, but if it’s available, John’s gets first dibs, and the state doesn’t even print up these beers in their catalog that liquor license holders like me get.

So I scored a bottle of Boulevard’s RIS (second to last bottle available in Iowa, in fact). And I’ll probably have to drink it. And write about it. You know, public service, because I care about your liquid life. Work, work, work.


Here’s a link to my beermapping reviews, if you want to read my little two cents’ worth on those three beery stops. Beyond this.


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