No way to avoid the kid’s eye

The legislate behavior mongers of the world that figure cartoons like Joe Camel are a direct tool to market smokes to kids really must understand that there probably isn’t a way to avoid a kid being attracted to this or that item, whether cigarettes, soda, beer or cupcakes.

dsc02840Dogs, for example. Would they be able to outlaw ad campaigns that have dogs in them? Kids love dogs. Tom, for example. He’s been itching to get a dog for over a year. And itching ’til he bleeds for the last six months. He sees a dog on the beer I’m having and, like Jake, Tom snatches up the bottle to display in his room.

Is Jolly Pumpkin’s Bam Noire being marketed to children? Helldamnshitno. They’re just honoring their dog with a few  tasty brews. Great art, inside and outside of the bottle.

dsc02842The noire version of their farmhouse ale Bam Biere (which also features Bam the Cool-Looking Dog), has more malt nuance in the palate, with the acetic notes and barrel notes melding nicely.

A good beer in a good bottle, and you can’t legislate kids to not notice label art any more than you can legislate morons to stop thinking stupidly. All the legislating fun would get way out of hand if we judged by my boys’ taste. No more Skullsplitter, no more Nimbus, no more dogs.

Fortunately for Tom, the arrival of our next family member is just over a week away.


One Response to No way to avoid the kid’s eye

  1. ThatGuySteve says:

    I’ll drink to that. Well said.

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