Sometimes you just need to drink it

furious2I swirl and I sniff and I taste and I think and I consider and I recall and I analyze and I could go on and on with what I do. Too much sometimes.

The other day after chopping wood, I opened up a can of Surly’s Furious and poured all 16 ounces of it into a real pint glass. Because it all fit and it looked good. I gulped big and slaked my thirst, and despite what I said the other day about not really liking Simcoe hops, I very much enjoyed this beer.

Because I was drinking it more than thinking it. Gotta remember to do that more.


2 Responses to Sometimes you just need to drink it

  1. beckel says:

    And a wonderful ale it is. But aside from adoring my Surly Furious I fully agree with your relaxed sentiment. Nothing better than enjoying some quality craft brew and worrying about nothing other than not spilling it down your shirt. Cheers!

  2. Good Burp says:

    What we sacrifice for our love of beer. Sometimes, I have to sacrifice that love, for a beer. Right now, I am drinking a Dos Equis. Why? I don’t know. I know in my head that it isn’t that good, but I am enjoying it right now because it is just a beer.
    Don’t worry. You are still good in my book.

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