Betting the farmhouse


I don’t reckon it’s very often in my neck of the woods that there are two saisons sitting open in close proximity. Unfortunate, given all the real, live farmhouses around. Changing the world can be a slow process in some places, so while we do our bidding, Kyle and I will keep our own buds satiated with the Tasty Stuff.

Today: Jolly Pumpkin’s Bam Biere and Surly’s Cynicale.

It’s been a while since I tucked into Bam Biere. CrapAttack, this is good stuff: a slightly hazy light golden straw with a white meringue head presenting flowery, herbal and acetic aromas with a medium-light body and some Flandersian sourness accompanying a delicate, herbal palate drying in the finish.

I’d create a whole new category to describe this beer: Flanders Gold. Eureka! This brewery is on my brewery visit bucket list, just in case you care.

I talked about Cynicale the other day. These two beers side-by-side showcase Belgian (though these are American-made) disinterest in machine-like uniformity within a “style.” This was more a light copper color, with a restrained head. Aromas and flavors were more malty, orangey-vanilla and apricot, spiked with peppery and light clove phenols. Juicy and mildly toasty in a delicious medium-bodied brew.

A great day of beer. I drive past farmhouse after farmhouse every day. I wish I could more conveniently drink their liquid counterparts…


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