Flat Earth


It’s one of those Mondays where you can have a beer early in the day and not feel bad about it. Yesterday was sledding with the boys, a movie, some cheese and homegrown bacon. And today is relaxing with Michelle: a bite to eat, a cup of espresso and an early-in-the-day pint.

dsc02826Two from St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing Company hit the glass, the Cygnus X-1 Porter and the Belgian-style Pale Ale. The Belgian Pale jumps out as my favorite right away.

Active carbonation puts on an alluring show in a bright copper hue that just screams, “Drink me!” OK. Toasty, with laid-back apricot notes, dry and Pils-maltish, it’s a flavorful beer that satisfies without aggression or posture. This would suit about any table, though the waffle on the label is bringing me back to the idea of breakfast beers. This would meld well with maple syrup and then the finish would clear the palate for a new bite. That next bite could include eggs workably, or bacon. Or just about anything. Now I’m hungry.

The porter speaks differently, however. It’s got a hint of rye, which doesn’t appeal to me in a beer. I’ve decided this slowly, and now I’m certain. I want rye in my bread, not in my beer. The roasted character approaches ash, and for me, it’s not where I want to be. I want a little more body, and depth, and the rye-burnt nuances meld in a way that makes me crave a different porter.

Or the BPA. Yep, the BPA. I could enjoy several of these.


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