Party Tyme

dsc02787If you’d asked me, I would have thought alco-pops were a relatively recent invention. But I was talking to a friend about my beer can collection yesterday, and he revealed an archeological find from his work on restoring the Opera House in our small town:

Party Tyme

Of course, I never really gave this much thought, not even back in high school. A few girls tried to establish their drinking cred by imbibing wine coolers, but beyond that, life was pretty much beer and hard stuff in terms of what was on my radar.

I poked around briefly on Mr. Google for information on Party Tyme, and really only found a couple of retro posters, circa 1972. And perhaps this isn’t in the alco-pop category, as it boasts 42 proof and is called a “extra dry vodka martini.” Party-Tyme appears to have going for the same sit-on-your-butt market that was already turned on to TV dinners, processed American cheese and Wonder bread. No effort, no ritual, no nutrients. A culture of convenience and excess and McDonald’s and Wal-Mart and obesity.

Thankfully, beer’s gone old school (here in America). There’s movement toward our roots, and all the wonderful flavors, aromas and atmospheres that make a better culture.


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