Minneapolis Road Trip

furious2Road trips are good. They cleanse the muck of life and replace it with road dust, something that seems a little more forgiveable than daily drudgery.

Of course, trips are always better when there’s beer at the end of the line.

This trip was birthed by the Upper Mississippi Mashout. Seemed a good excuse. I’d judge, Michelle’d find a heap of yoga classes, then we’d have a bite to eat (and a pint) before the return. Oh, yeah, and a stop for local bottles (or cans) to take home. And some homebrewing goodies.

In the end, it was a good trip. I already mentioned Worth Brewing yesterday. The competition was a good time, and well run. I met Kristen England of the BJCP, and enjoyed his presentation on decoction mashing during lunch on Saturday. Timely tidbits, as I’m doing a Munich dunkel within the next week or so. No bad beers in my flights, really, not sure that’s ever been my luck. But then, judging dark lagers and Belgian specialties might rule out a lot of novice entries. Good stuff, nonetheless.

Afterward, we hit Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery for chow. I was feeling rough from being a solid two days’ worth of underfed. It was difficult to enjoy the food at that point for me. Silly, considering I run a restaurant, but I simply didn’t have time to eat lunch on Friday, and dinner seemed mostly peanuts and chips on the road. (Lunch at the competition was my only disappointment–though the lunch/hospitality beers were great.)

We picked up some stuff for Monte (and me) at Midwest Homebrewing Supply, then local beers-for-the-road (cellar).

Many good beers and a good time was had by all. Lessee…I had a sample of Surly’s 16-Grit from a growler opened the night before. It tasted like cask, I swear. Good stuff. Lakefront’s Rosie (oak-aged kriek) was delightful. There was an excellent homebrewed pale ale on tap for lunch–and a helles, too. Those two were taste-alicious. Not sure who brewed them.

Anyway, it’s always good to be home, but it was good to get away. Good beer, good trip. Good life.


4 Responses to Minneapolis Road Trip

  1. BeerMan says:

    The average beer drinker probably learned all about beer by looking at the local pub menu.

  2. jimmy says:

    you went to midwest!!! oh, man I wish you would have said something.

  3. i LOVE minneapolis! i go there every once in a while for business. gonna have to try town hall brewery next time i’m in town.

  4. […] Town Hall Brewery, revisited The first time I went to Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, I hadn’t eaten anything substantive in two days. But […]

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