Beer guy from a kid’s eye, Part 4

craigerator-flamesEvery once in a while, when I’m feeling dreamy and materialistic, I go to this Craigerator site. I’d give you a link, but apparently these days, the site “may harm your computer.” Basically, they do custom fridges, with sweet, pimped out paint jobs.

Refrigerator concepts by Jake Wilson, age 12.

Refrigerator concepts by Jake Wilson, age 12.

Apparently young Jake has seen me drooling over these photos, like the el fridge flambe, pictured right. Better than their paint jobs are the early sketches by Jake that occasionally litter the floor of our home (pictured left).

He’s destined for the Geekness, I fear. Not that that’s a bad thing. But seriously, what kind of kid sits around drawing refrigerators in his spare time? The kind that makes his own root beer, cream soda and ginger ale, I suppose.

I got to thinking, what happens when kids like this grow up? There are a few options, really. They either buy a cool fridge or settle for a plain one. Or, they kick some serious ass in their latter day beer-related creativity.

Submitted, Exhibit A, from the crew of Chicago’s Metropolitan Brewing Company:

photo stolen from

Photo borrowed from Click the picture to see how the jockey box was built.

Submitted, Exhibit B, from the crew of Durham’s Fullsteam Brewing Company:

Photo stolen from

Photo borrowed from

As Jack Black would say, “You’re not hard core, unless you live hard core.” These are some hard core jockey boxes, my friends. Freaking cool. My kegerator in the basement with the magnetic poetry splattered about just feels lame right now.

Fortunately, I’ve got my own little beer creativity plan, and I don’t just mean my next beer. I’m pimping my John, rather than fooling around with silly refrigerators. Just you wait, we will have a seriously beery (and yes, hard core) bathroom in the not so distant future at the brewvana household. Will there be taps?…

Yes, yes, it’s good to be a kid, no matter what age you are.


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2 Responses to Beer guy from a kid’s eye, Part 4

  1. Matt says:

    HA! That tool box is cool from Metro and I had my hand stuck in it last night when it sprung a bit of a leak and filled the box with great beer. Poor them! but…they sell the first keg today. Hooray for Metropolitan!

  2. Bathabit says:

    There is someone out there who will make us look better, or worse. Look at it as inspiration. You too can draw and build a sweet-ass kegerator. Someday, I will. And I will do it with my son. He can’t wait.

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