Inaugurator of the Omabinator with the Celebrator

dsc02753I’m pretty much Independent. I vote for the least evil, generally. But I’ll point out in a rare moment of brewvana politics, that I’m glad that George is gone.

So, you know, what beer to drink?

As I said the other day, I’ve ripped a big hole in my cellar lately. But there’s an Ayinger beer that seems appropriate tucked in a corner: Celebrator. Yep, that’s tonight’s beer. It’s a day to celebrate, fo sho.

And, I take a moment to contemplate the well-being of my possibly Buzzin’ Cuzin, as she was in D.C. today for the big moment. Cheers, Zannah! I hope you had a good time for this little slice of history.


3 Responses to Inaugurator of the Omabinator with the Celebrator

  1. Glenn says:

    Had a few homebrews since my cellar at this point is pretty non-existent. A couple nice English Style browns, some of which was used as a chili base, followed by a couple IPA’s to round out the night (watching the hockey game)

  2. Joe says:

    this is what I had –

    A good day to celebrate indeed.

  3. Wilson says:

    I didn’t go out of my way to see to it that it was an American Craft Beer, like you did, Joe. Instead, I like the way it worked out that I had something German, which, for me, stood as a reminder for us to choose our leaders carefully, lest we live another set of Hitleresque, shitadelic consequences.

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