How to make sake from lawn ornaments instead of rice

Fleur Dandelion Wine1. Pick lotsa dandelions

2. Make dandelion wine

3. Let age 7 months

4. Drink

Actually, the end result isn’t sake; it’s off-tasting dandelion wine.

In late December, with houseguests abound, we popped open a bottle of my Fleur Dandelion Wine. It didn’t taste as soft and lovely as it had several months back, and I wrestled with my tongue and my brain to try to describe the oddly familiar flavor. It was sake, for goodness sakes! It tasted like sake.

I opened a bottle just now to wrap my buds around today’s subject, and found that this bottle tastes remarkably like dandelion wine, not sake. I guess I won’t dump the few remaining bottles, after all. However, I do need to get to work on these, as I’ve heard that this is a drink that doesn’t age well. But we can’t blame age on what we tasted a few weeks back. For that,we must blame my shoddy bottle-washing technique.

So, if you do wish to make sake from dandelions, the secret lies somewhere in Step #2.5: don’t do a very good job washing your bottles. Let me know how it comes out.


2 Responses to How to make sake from lawn ornaments instead of rice

  1. Glenn says:

    That bottle I got from you was ok, at least it was wine like. Wife and I both liked it. Never had dandelion wine before so I didn’t know what to expect. Sort of chardonay’ish to me, but remember I have beer taste buds not wine ones 😉

  2. jimmy says:

    I had the same taste in mine. I wonder what the deal is, I dont remember it tasting like that the first time I had it. Yours looks the same though. I would like to compare recipes.

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