Beer guy from a kid’s eye, Part 3

dsc02704Toward the end of my college days, I read Roots, by Alex Haley. It quickly shaped and inspired my affection for my family and ancestory. I did quite a bit of research into my family’s genealogy, and found myself to be nothing but a mutt. With English, Scottish, Irish, German and Norwegian blood, I am an American Mongrel.

And so when the homebrewing enterprise launched a dozen years ago, it was dubbed Mongrel Brewing Company. Picturing a mangy dog, Wonderful Beer Wife has never quite liked the branding. While I liked honoring my ancestors with the mongrel theme, I’ve always understood her point, but never had, or searched for, a brighter idea.

But lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of a switch to Sanctuary Brewing, something a little more beautiful, and an image that sums up my view of beer. With this speculation in mind, my good buddy Jake Wilson recently sketched new labels for a couple of my beers, Ceremony Abbey Ale and Molotov Cock’d Ale.

Me likey the stained glass stylie:




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8 Responses to Beer guy from a kid’s eye, Part 3

  1. Alan says:

    How about “J.W. Mongrel”. The initials create an illusion of importance, and you get to keep the word ‘mongrel’ which is a way cooler word than … well, than any alternative I can think of.

    Hey, I smell a contest. Let your readers decide 🙂

  2. Wilson says:

    The last time I let my readers decide something, I didn’t follow through very well:

    Hey, Alan, how about I email you a picture of that mug and you sell it for me?

  3. Matt says:

    I vote keep “Mongrel”…..wouldn’t be the same without it!

  4. Alan says:

    No problem. I only charge a 10% commission 🙂

  5. Wilson says:

    Cool. I need to follow up on that post, and you need to go spend some money down at Horniblow’s Tavern.

  6. fuzzishu says:

    plus the more religious folk out there may not appreciate ‘sanctuary’. now if it were to be brewed in a former church that’s another story all together ! 😉

    mongrel brewing is much more hardcore. sanctuary is for white wine sippin wussies 😀

  7. Wilson says:

    fuzzishu, you are a knucklehead. What do you about hardcore? You refuse to even try a mongrel brew. Yuck, beer, you say. If you would try all this loveliness I wave under your nose, you’d lay off the wine–and your good buddy, Patron. You would see why Sanctuary is a good name. And I’d happily invite the religious and non-religious out there to take a look at my Gospel According to St. Arnold before being closed-minded, judgmental and pharisitic about beer, glorious beer.

    Sorry. Haven’t seen you in a while and it seems you need picked on a bit!

    Peace and Pints!


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