Happy New Beer!

Another day, another year. Once again, we’ve survived another Amateur Night. We passed our Eve quietly at Kyle and Jessica’s, playing Phase 10 and sipping lovely libations.

As my grandmother proved very recently, we could all quite suddenly find ourselves in that Big Pub in the Sky, so I felt no trepidation in polishing off the last of my New Glarus stash. In fact, we started the night with Wisconsin Belgian Red, a Night-Ender if ever the was one. We also did NG’s Berliner Weiss (my last bottle) and Big Boss’ Hell’s Belle (my last bottle).


Kyle pulled out Calabaza Blanca, from Jolly Pumpkin, tart and coriander-licious.


And the New Year-Ringer-Inner wound up being Flying Dog’s K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale.


And just like that, a year is gone!

One disappointing aspect to 2008 is the fact that I found myself far too busy to brew as often as its therapeutic value contributes to my mental health. That must change in the near horizon. Do-able, at this point, I can see.

One exciting aspect of 2008 is the fact that a lack of abundant homebrew tore a serious hole in my cellar. It was tough, but enjoyable, every time I opened the last bottle of this, or the last bottle of that. Nothing lasts forever and beer was made to be consumed, no matter how special or rare or sentimental. So it’s off to a year of new beers, fresh beers and good cheers as the new year takes hold.

Another brewvana! Come along…


3 Responses to Happy New Beer!

  1. Good Burp says:

    You just gave me some perspective. “Beer was made to be consumed”. I have so many around for special occasions. I think it is about time to drink them, and make some more.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Wilson says:

    I should not be so hard on myself about how much I brewed this year. As I look through my notes, I did several 10-gallon batches, so fewer brew days were necessary. No wonder I haven’t completely run out of beer!

  3. Joe says:

    I enjoyed a bunch of new glarus this holiday season too. So good – i love that my girlfriend is from Wisconsin. The sampler cases are happiness in a box.

    A nice surprise was Bitter Woman India Pale Ale from Tyranena Brewing Company – real good balance for an IPA – lots of hops but not like a west coast IPA. I recommend trying it out if you see it.

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