Top Five of ’08

Top 5 of '08I’ve been carrying around this ratty scrap of paper in my pocket for the last week or two, constantly ruminating on some of the beers I’ve most enjoyed this past year.

Before my paper gets toward illegible, I must pull it out and solidify my decisions. There will be two Hornby-esque Top Five lists for the fading of brewvana‘s 2008: Top 5 Commercial Beers (that I tried for the first time this year) and Top 5 Tasty Homebrews.

both lists, in no particular order…

Top 5 Commercial Beers

1. Goose Island’s Pere Jacques (’07) (I could just sniff this one all day–but tasting makes it even better)

2. Flossmoor’s Sarge (magically delicious)

3. Three Floyds’ Dark Lord (lived up to the hype)

4. Kuhnhenn’s Tenacious Cassis (wow!)

5. Odell’s Porter (because you need an everyday beer on the list, too)

Top 5 Tasty Homebrews

1. Cherry Bomb (my oatmeal stout with 5 # of sour cherries in 2 gallons of beer)

2. Double Barrelled Dubbel (my dubbel aged on oak chips soaked in Southern Comfort and Cabernet Sauvignon)

3. For Those About to Bock (my 12.30.07-brewed bock consumed in ’08)

4. Glenn’s RIS (GlennH2Os’ killer Russian Imperial acquired in our recent beer swap)

5. Saison de Kyle (Kyle’s yummy saison–not sure if he calls it that)

It’s interesting though. We certainly own our tastebuds. I’ve read rough reviews of some of the aforementioned delicious commercial brews. So who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and they suck. But I don’t think so.

Guess what, faithful reader: if you send me commercial or homebrew that wows my tongue and soul, you might make this list next year.


One Response to Top Five of ’08

  1. synicalkaos says:

    I’ve never tried Pere Jacques, I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. My buddy and I are going to have a few Bourbon County Stouts next week when we brew up his first batch of homebrew. It should help keep us warm on the cold December day. O’Dells Porter is delicious.

    Merry Christmas

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