Batch #100

100th batch

Today was batch #100, a 1.085 old ale of sorts that should be mighty good. And batch #101, as I did a second runnings beer, fortified with a little extract to get it started at 1.075.

The second brew will also get itself distinctalicious with a different yeast (Munich lager) and different hops (Super Styrian–one I haven’t used before). Will it fit a style? I do not know. Do I care? No. I just packed in the flavors I wanted and will be kegging it up for the late winter consupmtion down the road.

But the real question is: is it really the 100th batch? Sorta. In that count there are many split batches, some 10 gallons and some five gallons. There are two ciders. There’s a dandelion wine. Did I count 2 batches if I dumped cherries (or cinnamon or raisins or oak chips or mangos, etc.) in half a batch that fermented separately? No. So it’s pretty much 100, but not exactly.

In any case, it was what it was, which was a much anticipated day of brewing and sampling good beers. A triumph and a little bit of everyday cleaning. Good. Day. brewvana.


4 Responses to Batch #100

  1. Glenn says:

    Congrats.. Milestones are always important no matter what they represent. I guess I better get brewing some more.. you are starting to catch up 🙂

    I’m not brewing this weekend coming up (real life getting in the way of brewing again!), but got a brew day planned for the 20th weekend. Planning on another lightweight english style bitter, but mainly going to use that batch as a “yeast starter” for a year end big stout. Planning on taking the Stone recipe that was in the recent BYO for their 12th anniversary clone and making my version of it..

  2. berencamlost says:

    Wow. I’m looking forward to hitting that 100 mark someday. Of course, I’ve only been doing this for a year, and brewing on a shoestring budget (I actually made a beer for under $10).
    Keep it up! Good brewing!

  3. Good Burp says:

    Details, details. It’s close enough. And mighty impressive.

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