One of the non-beer muses

Apples in bacon grease!

Apples in bacon grease!.


You know it. It’s Argument #1 against the concept of vegetarianism. Health Shmealth. If it’s good for your soul, it’s good for your body. Like beer, coffee and chocolate, bacon is good for my soul. And part of why I’m in such great shape. Take care of yourself, I say. With bacon, if necessary.

The lovely fruit of a pig’s belly, bacon was a glorious part of a smoky day yesterday. Most of yesterday’s smoke dealt with the final touches and first fire in the wood stove we’ve been working toward installing.

But with guests in the house, breakfast took on a bacon-and-eggs shape, foreshadowing to the delight in the late afternoon part of the day. While I’m speaking of breakfast, let me just take a moment to let you in on a little secret. I’ve said before that bacon grease-fried jalepenos are straight heavenly, but yesterday I couldn’t find a single jalepeno in my house. So I turned to the fruit bowl.

Sliced up some tasty local apples from I forget whose tree, and pitched them in the grease. Oh, happy bacon! It improves most everything. You should try it. No beer with breakfast, as I had to fool around on the roof.

The stove was completed just in time to connect with Kyle and our bacon making schedule. We’ve done this once before. The sequel was waaaay overdue. This time we made use of the local pig I bought at the Adams County Fair not long ago. I started the curing process last week, and yesterday was the day.

Bacon for breakfast and bacon for dinner, as it should be.


One Response to One of the non-beer muses

  1. whats4lunch says:

    mmmm bacon….

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