Dia de los Muertos Beer Tasting

Yesterday was Dia de los Muertos. So like a Tuesday or a birthday, it seemed a good day to schedule a beer tasting at Electric Burrito.

The third installment of our Beer Education Project, this one was a little less beer-or style-focused than the first two. We chose to showcase beers with Day of the Dead label art, or some kind of Deadish reference, as well as beers with a Mexican-ish ingredient. My good friend Marty, who has volunteered innumerable hours, is a big Dead Head, so he supplied a day’s worth of Grateful Dead music, as well as t-shirts for everyone working.

The beers:

Breckenridge Brewing’s Agave Wheat: didn’t have as pronounced agave flavor as I remember noticing the first time I had this beer.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale: a good everyday beer, I’ve always thought

Rogue Double Dead Guy: I didn’t think it quite matched their website’s description. I expected a better malt presence. And I grew weary of the looooong hopped-out finish. Cool bottle, though.

Rogue Chipotle Ale: chili beers are a slippery slope, but this one gave a good show [read: not overdone]. Still, not as cool as Viking’s Hot Chocolate. And I got tired of it quickly. 4 ounces is plenty (for me, at least).

Boulevard Brewing’s Long Strange Tripel: Another nice beer from Boulevard’s Smokestack Series, a happy-good example of the style (for Marty).

Lightstruck Corona: for the sake of beer education, we sacrificed a crap Mexican beer to the sun god.

The tasting went well, and we turned one guy from “Corona’s my favorite beer” (and not because of the skunk) to the Good Beer Army. That spells success, whether or not you dry-hop it.


One Response to Dia de los Muertos Beer Tasting

  1. Chimpo says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog. You’re dead on with the Rogue Chipotle. I like a god chili beer, but a couple pulls on that one and I’m ready for someone else to finish it.

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