Kyle the Good (beer guy)

Once upon a time there was a Coors Light drinker named Kyle. He was a good guy, but he drank Coors Light. He was friendly, helpful and a good uncle, but he drank Coors Light.

Fortunately for Kyle, he had a neighbor who was experimenting with craft beer. Occasionally, they’d get together and check out different beers. Kyle was reticent, and loved him some Coors Light, but probably like a first time recycler, he felt like he was doing something good.

Soon, Kyle’s brother-in-law moved to town. Wilson was a good guy, and loved him some Good Beer. He also liked Kyle. But Wilson felt bad for Kyle’s Coors Light problem. He wanted to help. He was determined to help Kyle become a craft beer enthusiast. He was determined to teach him about flavor and history and process. About all the amazingness that happens before a beer is filtered through a Rocky Mountain Goat.

Thanks to Jimmy the Neighbor, Kyle was a willing student. At first, he didn’t go for the stouty goodness. But, he was willing to check anything out. Some beers he liked and others less so. Such is beer life for anyone. Soon, his tastes were veering darker and more daring. This excited Wilson, who was succeeding in his plot to win Kyle over to the Good Beer Army.

Since those early days, which, for a time, included weekly samplings on Thirsty Thursdays, Kyle has reached many milestones: He discovered and loved Flanders Reds. He began homebrewing. He has begun stewarding at competitions. He’s been helping Wilson at Electric Burrito beer tastings. And as the beer he showed up with over the weekend would indicate, he has gotten into porters and stouts.

Yes, yes, Kyle made a special trip to Maryville. Why? Because he heard there was a store down there with a good beer selection. Now that’s a full blown beer geek. Success! He brought back a few to try and among them was Odell’s Cutthroat Porter. Delicious. Wilson could drink this stuff every day of the year and stay happy.

While he’s not such a geek that he won’t keep a little Coors Light around the house, Kyle has certainly reached brewvana. And now he can live happily ever after!


3 Responses to Kyle the Good (beer guy)

  1. troy says:

    I like stories with happy endings. Cheers.

  2. Chipper Dave says:

    Odell’s Cutthroat Porter is a great choice. I’d also suggest their IPA as well. Tell Kyle thanks for supporting one of my favorite local breweries!

  3. Joseph says:

    I love some craft beer but I keep some Busch around the house for NASCAR and such. Cheers!

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