Stone and Roll IPA

So I don’t drink tons of IPAs. I can appreciate one now and again, but certain hops don’t trip my trigger, some are overdone and crunchy, and I think I just generally tire of a hoppy aftertaste quicker than a stouty aftertaste or a Scotchy aftertaste or a Belgiany aftertaste or a bocky aftertaste.

After a country road walk to work the kinks out of my jacked-up neck, I poured a recently acquired Stone IPA. In short, really freaking tasty. But why? What exactly do I enjoy about this one over others? I smelled it, I licked it, I exhaled it, I tasted it, I breathed it. There were hops throughout.

Orangey describes more than just the color. And some sugar undertones. Stone’s website notes Magnum and Centennial. That’s part of it, as I dislike an overuse of Cascade. But there’s also the alcohol. This one is 6.9% abv. I wouldn’t like this beer as much if it were 5.7% abv. 1.2 makes a world of difference.

For a guy that got tired of IPAs a few years ago, is seems strange that I should enjoy double IPAs over “regular” ones. Part of that is that I think there simply must be a little more malt and alcohol to justify the heavier use of hops. For example, I really like Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute and Foothills’ Seeing Double IPA.

Want to rock and roll? Put some meat on those hoppy bones.


One Response to Stone and Roll IPA

  1. Matt says:


    I’ve really been getting into IPA’s also. I love Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Haven’t been able to find the 120 anywhere. I’ve also been drinking Flying Dog Snake Dog lately.

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