Beer guy from a kid’s eye–Part 2

I have quite a few books. And several beer books. And the best ones were written by my son Tom.

Digging around my bookshelf recently, I unearthed three volumes that Tom wrote back in the kindergarten days. One was apparently turned in for some kind of school project. Fortunately, Miss Pangburn totally got Tom, enjoyed the book thoroughly and had positive comments about him and his writing prowess at that parent-teacher conference.

So I thought I’d share. The spelling’s a little rough, and it’s definitely illustrated by a five-year-old, but I think it’s impressive, as he shows stylistic knowledge and background on where beer is produced. And pictures of dear, old dad.

I’ll use the captions to help with the translations.


Stout and Pale ale

Stout and Pale ale

All beer comes from breweries.

All beer comes from breweries.



I'm pretty sure Tom's enjoying a root beer in this one.

I'm pretty sure Tom's enjoying a root beer in this one.

Beer, Beer, Beer, Good, Beer, Beer. It's a song I sing a lot, apparently.

Beer, Beer, Beer, Good, Beer, Beer. (It's a song I sing, apparently.)

My dad likes beer so much. My dad is crazy about beer so much.

My dad likes beer so much. My dad is crazy about beer so much.

Be good everyone. Your children are documentary film makers. And writers. And future musicians. Artists. Scientists. Presidents. Welders. Even if they don’t grow up and write a horrifying tell-all book about you, they surely are recording memories. And your relationship. Keep the memories good, fellow beer lovers. Even if they are occasionally beery. Keep them good.

Beer guy from a kid’s eye–Part 1


9 Responses to Beer guy from a kid’s eye–Part 2

  1. Dan says:

    This is awesome. You must be so proud of your son. I think its important that in a country with so many hang-ups about alcohol as we have that you teach your children from a young age that adults can responsibly (and sometimes irresponsibly) enjoy alcohol. It works in Europe. You’ve inspired me to go buy beer tonight after work.

  2. This is terrific. My son, Owen, who is a little over two now likes to get as involved as he can when dad is doing “beer stuff.” The latest involves proclaiming to everyone he encounteres that there is, matter of factly, “big beer in my battub.” This, of course coming on the heels of my removing beer bottle labels in the bathtub for an upcoming batch – several of them 22oz. bombers.

    He also took this opportunity to re-adhere the loose labels he scavenged (that water-soluble glue re-sticks!) to his Radio Flyer buggy … among others, his buggy now proclaims the Connelly family’s proclivity to drink Schlafly beers …

  3. Matt says:

    Fantastic. My girls don’t draw the pictures but sometimes I can get them to sing “Beer, Glorious Beer” to the tune of Oliver’s “Food, Glorious Food.” Usually they tease me and start making their own lyrics though. They haven’t acquired the taste for it yet.

  4. Boak says:

    That’s beautiful. That’s almost enough to make me want to give up beer for nine months to produce a little documentary maker of my own.

  5. Adeptus says:

    That’s great 😀

    I was worrying about my son, who is three-and-a-half, as every time he’s in the bath he says he’s making beer. He even created a three-tier brewing system using plastic beakers. I don’t even have a three tier system and I don’t think I’ve ever told him about it! High hopes for his brewing future 😉

  6. Good Burp says:

    This is an instant classic! I think about this kind of stuff when I take my boys with me to the beer store. They ask what is a good beer, and what is bad. They know the big 3 are not any good. He likes to tkae his bottle of “rootbeer” and say, “Look, I am drinking beer like daddy”. Isn’t that sweet.

    It reminds me of the story Jim Koch tells about his 6 year old daughter taking a bottle of their Mother’s Day home brew to school for show and tell. The teacher didn’t approve.

  7. virgil g says:

    You should totally brew a Stawt and a Palal Al.

    Is the fridge door open, and all that’s in there is three bottles of beer? That looks like my fridge.

  8. Wilson says:

    Three ROWS of beers:)

  9. […] Beer Guy from a kid’s eye, Part 2 […]

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