Beer and Pancakes

I don’t mean to brag, but I make really good pancakes.

It’s a weekend staple in our home, and both my boys can hook ’em up from scratch, with no assistance. And all my life, pancakes were not just for breakfast. Last night, the cakes arrived to accompany the fact that I was enjoying an Oktoberfest. The pairing was decent, but brought to mind the best pancake partner.

So I thought I’d share. I’m sure Beer Geek Breakfast would be fine, as well as Founder’s Breakfast Stout, or even better, Kentucky Breakfast. But the best pairing would be a big and mean Scotch ale. Traquair House, Duck-Rabbit or Dirty Bastard comes to mind.

Yes, beer and pancakes. Any time of day.


5 Responses to Beer and Pancakes

  1. Looking good! People are far too wedded to tradition when it comes to times of day and food. I went through a phase of having cereal after an evening meal, but beer and pancakes sounds more fun to be honest.

  2. virgil g says:

    I’ve had a couple recently that I thought would be great with pancakes.

    Avery the Beast Grand Cru
    Baladin Xyauyù
    Mikkeller Black (would be good with chocolate chip pancakes)

    Actually, I thought those beers would be great ON pancakes, not with…

  3. Wilson says:

    Speaking of Avery, I’d love to have The Reverend with pancakes.

    The thought of CHOCOLATE CHIP pancakes opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  4. Glenn says:

    Or maybe do a stout reduction to make a syrup to pour on the cakes?

    Or maybe a nice nut brown? With pecan pancakes?

  5. Wilson says:

    Sounds good. Every once in a while, I do porter cakes, but I’m pretty sure I never wrote down what I did on the version that was most successful. I’ve also used spent grains in pancakes a few times (also for granola).

    As for other beers, Belgian Dark Strongs seem good, as do doppelbocks. North Coast Old Stock would be great. An English Barley wine. Mead. Oh! the happy possibilities.

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