More Iowa Bottles

A few weeks ago, I talked about the addition of Olde Main to the Iowa bottled beer selection, specifically the Scottish ale, which I found to be a pleasant beer to keep on hand. Since that time, Wonderful Beer Wife brought home their other two offerings: Dinkey Wheat and Long Face Amber.

Of the three, the Off KILT er is still my favorite. I found Dinkey Wheat to be an interesting take on a Belgian wit, incorporating chamomile in additon to coriander and orange peel. The Long Face Amber Ale seemed only a slight variation on the Scottish, and nuanced in a way that didn’t necessarily float my boat. Seemed a touch sour, but not in a Flanderseque fashion.

Not long after the Olde Main stuff popped up on our radar (and I realize none of this is really news–I live several hours away in a rural part of a rural state, with no hardcore bottleshops within hollering distance–and I myself have been sitting on this post for at least a lazy flippin’ month), another Iowa brewery starts putting out bottles. Hub City Brewing Company is located in tiny Stanley, Iowa, population in the neighborhood of 200. From what I understand, they fired up the kettle in December of 2007, and recently signed on with a distributor.

Hub City is putting out five beers, a golden ale, a German wheat, a brown ale, a brown porter and an oatmeal stout. I’m drawn to the brown porter as a good everyday beer. The wheat beer is pretty good, though it’s not a style I head toward much. Somedays the oatmeal has tasted great, and other days it’s seemed a little muddy. Damn barometric pressure! The golden ale seems decent enough, and the brown was the least special.

A great addition to the variety available in the aisles, I’m hoping that more and more folks will give these local libations a try. If you’re passing through, look them up.


One Response to More Iowa Bottles

  1. Brian Yaeger says:

    Sweet! I’ll be passing straight through Iowa on my tour. Will try to have some will power to not bring back one of everything, but that Oatmeal Stout is going in the cooler for sure!

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