Stained glass unappreciated

There's a difference between art and clutter. Some people know this.

There is a difference between art and clutter. Some people can recognize this. Some people cannot.

I work my artisan butt off to make my wife this lovely stained glass window thingy, and she doesn’t appreciate it. Once again, I have to dismantle my decor. My self-expression. Me.

Oh, well. Time to start over.

4 Responses to Stained glass unappreciated

  1. Velky Al says:

    Have you considered finding a glass blower to melt down the bottles and make a unique pane of glass to replace on of your other windows? Not sure your wife would like it, but would be a great talking point.

  2. Glenn says:

    What no pictures of the “art” before the wife had you tear it apart?

  3. Wilson says:

    That picture was the “art,” Glenn. I guess I didn’t press the sarcasm button. Somehow bottles keep stacking up in our kitchen window. I refer to it as stained glass beauty, but Michelle refers to it as clutter.

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