The point of cans at the beach gets lost

One of the arguments for canning beer is that there’s no glass involved. So it’s a little more welcome at a beach, where the occasional broken glass doesn’t go so well with the occasional bare foot.

That, of course, is all lost when the inner beer geek takes over.

A couple of weeks ago, we headed over to the local beach to cool off our boys and their cousins. I very purposely grabbed a couple of beers in cans. And then I very geekly grabbed a couple of glasses. This, in stark contrast to yesterday’s post which featured me drinking sans glassware. Do not worry my fellow beer lovers, I have not strayed from the pack.

The beers in question are a pair of samples I recently received from Buckbean Brewing Company, out of Reno, Nevada. On a beautiful, sunny day, we popped open Buckbean’s Original Orange Blossom Ale, which was refreshing, floral and fruity. I liked the even melding of the blossoms, hops and Munich malt to work into a unique and drinkable summer beer. In fact, my interest in incorporating Munich into more of my beers now seems bent on forging a Munich wit next summer. Just seems like a bright idea.

This brew seems like one that might appeal to the craft beer new comer, and I’m getting in the mood for some semblance of an Asian salad just typing about it. Mandarin oranges, candied sesame seeds. A good start for a meal centered around the grill.

Black Noddy Lager brings forth the schwarzbier goodness. If you’re like me, and you like The Darkness yearround, then this is a beach beer, for sure. Mr. Carbonation was quite restrained, but the soft roastiness was just what the doctor ordered in a clean and quaffable beer.

Give me triple digits, a lawn mower and a Black Noddy. Then give me a snowstorm and a Black Noddy. I tire of hot weather quickly, but I don’t tire of tasty blackness.


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