10 reasons to go straight from the bottle?

Two beers in bottles

Two beers in bottles

Though the Geekness continues to build, I was caught recently in a very non-beer geek action: swilling not from a glass, much less the appropriate glass, but straight from the bottle.

I knew it when I was doing it. It felt weird, wrong. But it just seemed like the right kind of situation. So I put the bottle to my lips. It felt wrong, but also kinda good, like a first kiss, the first day behind the wheel or plain and simple freedom.

It’s good not to be bound, whether it’s chains, TV or glassware.

So when is it okay to not to drink beer from a glass? I pondered this as I lay awake in the night. So far, I’ve identified a few possibly acceptable situations:

1. After mowing the lawn.

2. While doing some sort of manual labor, such as moving (or in my case, helping my wife configure the finishing touches on her nearly-open yoga studio, Prairieland Yoga).

3. While drinking crap beer.

4. Before you get it.

5. If aroma’s not a crucial issue in a given beer.

6. If you have a beer, but don’t have a glass.

7. When in Rome, or wherever they may be, and they’re not fooling with glasses.

8. When you’re stinking rich, and have a walk-in cooler at your home stocked with Westy 12.

9. When you’re out of dish soap.

10. When you’re drinking tequila.

There may be more situations. You may add them.


NOTE: These situations could also be applied to drinking from a can, if that’s what you’ve got.


4 Responses to 10 reasons to go straight from the bottle?

  1. Keith says:

    I recently had the same experience of drinking beer straight from a bottle. It was somehow fun in a way to just “go for it” and skip the glass.

    I’d amend #5 to include those times when you want to minimize the aroma. I’ve had some beers that smell bad but taste at least OK. Out of the bottle, it’s easier to get past the unpleasant aroma.

    On second thought, maybe that fits into #3 already.

  2. Chemmy says:

    When you get home from work feeling like life isn’t worth living, reach into the fridge and crack open 12 ounces of heaven.

    So put me down for “It’s ok to drink from the bottle when you’re an alcoholic.”

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  4. Rodney says:

    11. When tailgating

    Goose Island Harvest Ale tends to be our tailgate beverage of choice and it’s much more convenient to drink it from a bottle when tailgating. The bottle also has the advantage of being harder to spill (or at least if it does spill, you have longer to save it). That said, we have been known on occasion to drink from cups while tailgating, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to drink straight from the bottle.

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