Midwestern Booty

Our recent trip to Madison allowed us to score a good many beers that were new to us, whether at breweries, brewpubs, bars or at the festival itself. In addition, we brought home lotsa goodies to try over the next few weeks.

Since our return, we’ve tucked into beers from Lake Louie, New Glarus,  Founders and Ale Asylum, with a variety from Goose Island, New Holland and Capital on the horizon. But last night was just a little special, as I’d been gifted something not available in the beer store aisles. Matt and Andrew, from Flossmoor Station, graciously brought me an unlabeled bottle from the practice sessions in working with their new bottling line.

Is that my bottle?

Is that my bottle?

Since it was unlabeled, and festival prep, setup and labor is a hectic time, there was a possibility that the bottle’s contents were one of two beers. What I poured was Flossmoor’s wine barrel-aged framboise. Here’s what Matt has to say:

“We’ve had good success with it. Balanced sourness. Aged on brett. Not over the top, but good.”

The dude’s modest. The beer was delicious, and paired well with dinner last night. Not sure if we followed or broke pairing rules, but it turned out well. Coincidence dictated that we were having our buddy Heather’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Stuff. I don’t know if that’s what it’s really called but it’s tasty-sauce-alicious, and we love mopping up the sauce from the pan, double-dipping recklessly without care. The only problem with this beer and this food together is that my slimy fingers mucked up my lovely looking goblet something fierce. The prettiness of this beer faded, but the flavor did not.

Good flippin’ stuff. And I’d say the same about the other beers we’ve popped open so far. Good flippin’ stuff all the way around.


4 Responses to Midwestern Booty

  1. Matt says:

    Glad you liked it! That food looks awesome. Ironically I had shrimp as well last night and we bottled seven cases of the newest batch of De Wilde Zuidentrein(aged two years-yours might have three years aging on it). And we are getting fruit soon for our latest (just into the barrel) and biggest! (4 wine barrels as opposed to one)-maybe peach, razz, and ?. So the ramped up production might mean actual labels in the future.

  2. Matt says:

    J. Hope you and Michelle are doing well. I’m drinking a Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA…..thinking of you guys.

  3. brewer a says:

    That definitely did not go through Phil Connors. We hand bottled those.

  4. leigh says:

    nice pairing, i’m a sucker for Prawns and beer. period. that looks great!

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