14 years to the day

In an effort to show my priorities, I very specifically did not chill a special beer yesterday.

I didn’t want Michelle to think I thought beer was better than her. That she was just another excuse to open something spectacular. Because sometimes I chill something cool just because it’s Tuesday. You see, it was our 14th anniversary. I was just going to have a glass of water.

Wilson and Penton catching up over better beer.

Wilson and Penton catching up over better beer.

But then, out of the clear, blue sky, walks in my best friend since elementary school, Penton. I hadn’t seen this guy since the day Michelle and I got married. What are the chances? He walks in the door fourteen years to the day since last I saw him.

Sounds like a day for a good beer. I called Michelle, and she rushed over with my last bottle of last year’s La Folie, along with a couple of tasty homebrews. A double good day. We caught up over Liquid Glory a few notches above the last beers we shared together. We are older, wiser, more sophisticated.

But still up for a little potty humor.

Great, great day. Brewvana. Cheers, Penton! And cheers, Michelle! To 14 more!


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