Great Taste Chronicles–Part 1

Dark Lord at the Great Taste '08

Dark Lord at the Great Taste '08

1. Depart from home @8am on Friday, August 8, 2008

2. NPR on the radio

3. Stray Cats

4. Lucinda Williams

5. Flogging Molly

6. Stop for gas; Bob Seger disc goes in

7. Michelle takes over driving @11:40

8. Snacking on Poore Bros. Salt and Vinegar Chips (in moderation to avoid ruining our tongues)

9. Black Crowes

10. Off the beaten path, unexpected sidetrip: New Melleray Abbey. Holy Beer Trips! I didn’t know there were Trappist monks in Iowa. The abbey was beautiful, but they don’t brew beer here–they make caskets.

11. Minor map malfunction

12. Cross Mississippi River into Wisconsin!

13. Remarkably, AC/DC is not rejected

14. We see our first sign of New Glarus: a road sign tells us we are 17 miles away (2:14pm).

New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus Brewing Company

15. Arrive at New Glarus Brewing Company! We take the audio tour, taste (Spotted Cow, Organic Revolution, Road Slush, Smoke on the Porter, Berliner Weisse) and purchase a few delicious beers

16. A quick Fat Squirrel in New Glarus

17. Enter Mt. Horeb and The Grumpy Troll at 4:30pm

18. Check into motel at 6:45pm

19. Ale Asylum for Sticky McDoogle Scotch Ale, Contorter Porter, Big Slick Oatmeal Stout and Happy Ending Belgian Abbey (7:24pm)

20. “Is that a Utilikilt? Not everyone can sport one.” (AA)

21. Maduro for some Bell’s libations (they had 18 Bell’s beers on tap)

22. At 9:51, Wilson sends first text message of his life. Why? Because beer is involved. Unfortunately, we were unable to connect with Flossmoor brewmaster, Matt Van Wyk. Or beerinator for that matter.

23. Olympics at the motel

24. Sleep overtakes.

25. Michelle to yoga class at 8:45am (We’re into Day 2: August 9)

26. Wilson to Riley’s. He dozes in the parking lot until they open at 10am.

27. Trunk laden with beer for home, time to pick up Michelle.

Cask Publican with lunch

Cask Publican with lunch

28. Lunch at the Great Dane

29. Board Shuttle Bus at 12 noon.

30. Get in line and wait.

31. The long snake slithers forth.

32. Tasting glass feels good in my hand.

33. Beer in my glass mouth feels better.

34. Lotsa great beers (more later…)

35. Meet Matt, Andrew, beerinator and beer princess

36. Shuttle back to Dane

37. Eat dinner at Casbah

38. Buy Kyle’s pint glasses (he has a great dane)

39. Last chat with beerinator and beer princess

40. Michael Phelps wins gold and I fall asleep shortly thereafter

41. With 473 miles under our belt, we point our car toward home at 9:05am (Day 3, Sunday the 10th)

42. Gogol Bordello

43. Buy cheese for gifts and personal enjoyment (and a little more beer)

44. Cross Mississippi back into Iowa

45. Old Crow Medicine Show

Bricktown Brewery in Dubuque, Iowa

Bricktown Brewery in Dubuque, Iowa

46. Stop for a quick beer at Bricktown Brewery in Dubuque (Willie’s Scottish Ale)

47. iPod set to “Z” playlist (miscellaneous cool stuff I burned for my Peace Corps cousin Suzannah in Niger

48. Gillian Welch/switch drivers and Wilson takes a nap

49. NPR

50. A few groceries in Des Moines so we can feed the youngsters (and my visiting mom) when we return.

51. Buy German Oompah discs for our upcoming Oktober-fiesta

52. Sample said music and get thirsty for German beer

53. Arrive home at 6:05pm

54. Open our Yippee! We Made It Home Safely Beer: New Glarus’ Uff-Da Bock

55. Dream of next year.


2 Responses to Great Taste Chronicles–Part 1

  1. virgil g says:

    I mentioned over at the Aleuminati that I didn’t see you… but you saw me, you even got a picture of me. That’s right around the time I got my shot of Dark Lord too. I was standing down by the fence in front of the lake enjoying the scenery. I’ve got an orange back pack on and my GF is wearing a bright yellow shirt.

    That’s rather amusing to me.

    42. whoo hoo; we Gogol Bordello’ed for half the trip up and back.

  2. Ian says:

    nice blog man….i may have been the guy who sold you the beer at riley’s the day of the great taste.

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