The good thing about beer is the people

Good Beer people are good people. Almost always. This is just a plain and simple fact I’ve come across time and time again throughout my walk with Beer.

Phat Phlemish and Sanctuary

Phat Phlemish and Sanctuary

I’ve been sipping tasty libations these last few days. I have pictures to prove it. But rather than run on about aromas and flavors and mouthfeels, I’d like to run on about beer acquisition. I didn’t purchase  these beers. They were gifts. You see, these good Good Beer People I talk about now and again are the generous sort.

First, there’s Goldy. He’s a really nice guy here in Corning. Turns out he was in my Uncle John’s class and once worked with my dad. One of the homebrewers in this rural setting. Last weekend, Goldy, Monte, Doc Gruba and I did a tasting of our homebrews (Gruba was doing his wines), educating and titillating the public. You know, trying to turn Corning into Portland or something.

With the of-course-ness, we all sneak in special stuff for each other to try. Goldy shows up with two special bottlings of Upstream Brewing Company: Phat Phlemish Red (bottle 23 of 75) and Gueuze (bottle 59 of 75). It is to my benefit that Goldy didn’t groove on the sour tang-aliciousness of these beers. These two corked and caged bottles didn’t cost a buck and a half in the singles aisle, but Goldy didn’t hesitate to send the dregs (helluva lot more than dregs, actually) home with me. Michelle was very appreciative, though she got the flattened day after version, which we sampled alongside my own Flanders Red–Sanctuary.

Boundary Bay Scotch and IPA

Boundary Bay Scotch and IPA

And then there’s Boundary Bay Brewing Company. Or–and then there’s Anthony. Out of the clear blue sky, Anthony Stone (assistant brewer at Boundary Bay) walks into my restaurant, mouth agape that there are local beers in such a place as Corning, the hometown of his fiance. We had a wonderful beery conversation, and then a week or two later a package arrives.

In the words of Homer, “Mmmmm…beer.”

Kyle and I tried the IPA that evening, and Michelle and I shared the Scotch ale last night. The beers were excellent, but like most beers, a mere shadow of the people that produce them, share them, sip them, live them and smile them.

Big thanks to Goldy and Anthony. Cheers, guys!


One Response to The good thing about beer is the people

  1. Matt says:

    You should be on this list too, J. You’re a fine example yourself. Cheers!

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