What the foeck?

Excavating a Beery Past, Part IV

Remarkably, this beer slipped my mind. It reappeared in my life last fall when I recovered my old beer can collection and my 17-year-old bottle of Guinness. I can’t believe I didn’t mention it. I know you’ll love it. I know you’ll envy the cool beers I have at my disposal.

Funny I mention the word disposal, as that’s precisely the place for this beer.

I don’t remember where I acquired this bottle, back in high school. I’m pretty sure I know why I acquired it: the foecking cool name (insert Beavis laughter). I don’t know what it tasted like, but I can sorta imagine.

All these years later, I looked forward to trying that bottle of Guinness. But this one had me skeptical. This isn’t your average, everyday cellarable beer, so if it sucked in its prime, what level of suck would it maintain at this point in its life? I use the word life loosely.

But, the soldier that I am, I took one for the team. Despite the fact that the freezing and thawing had caused this one to leak out about half of its volume, I cracked it open. It’s been nine months since I did this, and I didn’t take notes, but if memory serves, it was flat, with notes of grainish, sour poo.


Need a history fix? Click here for a little info on this beer.


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