Breakin’ the Rules, Breakin’ the Rules

As I outlined in my most recent Session post on anti-seasonal drinking, this is my Dark Beer Summer. Yet rules, or shall we say guidelines, will surely be broken.

Which brings us to Breckenridge Brewing Company’s Agave Wheat. This one sneaks in under the I Have A Mexican Restaurant And Sample Tequila More Frequently These Days And So This Agave-Infused Beer Seems Like Something I Should Try Clause. Silly to wait until autumn.

I like the label, not that that matters. It’s what’s inside that counts. And where are my expectations? It’s a flavored wheat beer. My expectations don’t have me jumping up and down in curiosity. I’m interested, not eager.

But I give it a sniff, and then a sip. And I find it kinka cool. Sure enough, it tastes like there’s agave in there. A nod toward tequila. I wouldn’t drink a lot of it, but I can see where the intriguement factor might entice a few margarita drinkers to give this one a go. And since it’s easier to pop a cap off a bottle than it is to craft a margarita (especially at home), I can see where folks might drink a few of these around the grill in the summertime. Actually, I’m starting to think that this might be a good Shandy beer. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Me, I’d rather follow my rules this year, and stick to the Dark Stuff.


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