International Brewers Day Profile–Dave Coy

Happy International Brewers Day!

The brainchild of Jay Brooks, over at Brookston Beer Bulletin, IBD is the kind of holiday I can get behind. It’s about showing appreciation. It’s a celebration rather than a remembrance (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And it’s about beer.

The premise is basically this: today’s the day to honor brewers the world over for their noble work. This is to take the form of events highlighting the day, brewer profiles from beer writers and bloggers, as well as a little bit of “hug the brewer.” Not sure if homebrewers count, but I hope my wife hugs me anyway. I deserve it for all the brew I provide for her.

I’ve said before that brewers are good people. It’s really that simple. And today’s the day I bring an example. Actually, I’ve mentioned Dave Coy before:

Recently, I met Raccoon River’s brewer, Dave Coy, at a homebrew competition, and he let me know that he was working with the local A-B Distributor to get his beers out. I then approached my local Bud rep about bringing Dave’s stout in on tap. He didn’t know they were working together. My rep’s supervisor said the logistics would be tough to manage, so I should just do Goose Island on draught.

Several conversations with my rep, calls to Dave and Dave’s calls to the distributor higher-ups later, and I’ve got this tasty Iowa beer on tap. You can’t tell me a well-oiled national distribution system can’t manage to get me a beer that they’ve agreed to distribute. Thankfully, a little follow-up and positive persistence, as well as communication with and help from the brewery itself, made it happen. Big thanks to Dave. If you’re in Des Moines, go try his beers at the source. If you’re in Corning, drink ‘em at my place.

This is the spirit of the Brewer. Helpful. Good. I know that Dave has plenty to do around the brewhouse, but he took the time to help lowly me get his beers rolling. Quite a bit of time, phone calls and prodding, as a matter of fact. I’m thankful, because my restaurant is better as a result.

I stopped in to say hello, thanks and have lunch at Raccoon River Brewing Company recently, and Dave couldn’t have been more kind. As I left that day, I was reminded of the other good Dave-trait: he’s a whale of a brewer. His maibock was delicious and just the right after-zoo-with-the-family-brew. It’s one thing to be a nice guy. And it’s one thing to have a snazzy logo. But it’s another thing entirely to be an incredible brewer on top of it.

Dave’s got all the good traits, and tonight, he’ll be one of many brewers to which I’ll be raising a pint.


One Response to International Brewers Day Profile–Dave Coy

  1. Deuane says:

    I have been to RRBC a few times and have always been impressed with their offerings. I really liked the Bandit and Double Bandit IPA’s.

    Nice place with a nice atmosphere and good food too!

    Glad to see that the place is still doing well!

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