Session #17–going against the grain

With summer in full swing and people talking about lawnmowers and the beach, this Session topic couldn’t be more appropriate. I mean really. It couldn’t.

Why all emphatic, Wilson? Pfiff!, this month’s host, speaks to me on this one. To me.

This just happens to be Dark Beer Summer. I decided a few months back that I simply wasn’t going to drink lighter beers just because it was hot. Just because you’re supposed to. I love a good light beer, but this year, I just decided to stick with the Dark Side.

Now, Wilson, aren’t you being a little like those one-dimensional hopheads? you might be thinking. No. Stylistically, I’ll be all over the place.

The “rules” basically have me drinking darkish beer. Brewing dark beer. Condoning dark beer. I’ve already broken the first rule. So I had to consider more rules. My brother Joe showed up with a sixer of Franziskaner Weissbier the other day, and I drank some. I caveat myself on this one on the fact that I didn’t buy it.

Rules are made to be broken, after all. Like the one I’m breaking by doing this Dark Beer Summer Project.

So like the “Joe bought it” situation, I’m sure there’ll some light stuff creep into my system. Can I pass up a double wit if I stumble across one at a festival? Hell, no. That one will be in the I Drank It At A Festival Category of excuses.

I refuse to be obnoxious about it. If I were, I’d be setting some kind of SRM barrier. If I were to draw a line in the sand, where would it be? I’d accept your comments on the matter. What is light? What is dark? What is the meaning of Life? Before I launched this Project, I’d been planning on brewing my Merckx Belgian Pale Ale, and possibly a saison. Then I thought, oh, they’re too light, and maybe they should be the lines in the sand. I haven’t brewed them yet, and I haven’t ruled them out. Good old Kyle brewed a saison; am I allowed to drink it? I think yes, under the Kyle Brewed It Clause. Thank goodness, because I already have.

So, what do I have planned? I’ve got a porter on tap, along with a Belgian dubbel, half of which I “doubled-barrelled” with oak soaked in Cabernet Sauvignon and Southern Comfort . I just bottled my much-anticipated Sanctuary, my first go at a Flanders Red. I just brewed a dark mild, which I can’t wait to try. The fact is a little time will pass before I brew again, so when will the old ale, wee heavy, Baltic porter and Russian Imperial stout and milk stout arrive? I do not know.

It is possible that by that time, autumn will be approaching, and I’ll be ready to get back to the rule following of the Days of Cooler Weather (i.e: dark beers!). However, I won’t be following the subset of rules about pumpkin beers. I’m not a very good sheep.

The long and short of it is this: I’ll mostly be drinking dark beer this summer. Join me, won’t you?


Big thanks to Rob at Pfiff! for hosting.

2 Responses to Session #17–going against the grain

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