Three Sheets–beer in HD

The Backdrop

I don’t watch much TV.

I used to be heavily addicted to TV when I was a kid: Gilligan’s Island, MTV, The Brady Bunch, stand-up, The Frugal Gourmet, The Young and the Restless. Well, everything really.

For two of my college years, I did without, out of poorness and an abundance of working. But I was still very much pro-TV. When I graduated, I moved to Pinon, Arizona, smack dab in the middle of the Navajo Reservation. There was no TV reception. No cable. We didn’t even have a phone for the first six months. Primestar dishes were new and available, but for some reason, we didn’t rush out and get one.

We were busy getting settled into our new home, my new job, our new culture. Our newborn son. In the winter, we made a quilt together. I tied a lot of flies. Michelle started scrapbooking. We hiked. I homebrewed. We talked.  We didn’t have time for TV. My grandma taped The Olympics and PBS Cooking shows, and soon, we were waaaaay behind in watching them. You can’t imagine how amazing this possibility is, as my grandma, is very slow. If she was taping and mailing videos and we had them stacked and unwatched, you know we weren’t turning on the old idiot box very often.

It was great! We were free! And to this day, I enjoy this euphoria! A TV schedule does not run my life. I hear people in their oh-crap mode rushing to get home to Big Brother or American Idol or whatever, and I feel sorrow for them.

I watch what I want, when I want. We subscribe to Netflix and work our way through a lot of movies, but generally, I’m too busy making and living my life to watch someone else’s on TV.

Three Sheets Calling

So it’ll be no surprise then that when the PR crew from MOJOHD’s show Three Sheets, with Zane Lamprey approached me that I hadn’t really heard of the show. I still don’t have cable, and I sure enough don’t have HD. In fact, right this moment, our DVD player is crapping out, narrowly beating out our TV in the Least-Functional-in-the-House Competition. One of these days, I’m going to climb up on the roof and figure out how to hook up that antenna so I can watch Al Roker refer to my neck of the woods without so much fuzz blocking him.

Even though the shows are available on-line, I request that they send me DVDs, as a hard copy reminder to actually check this show. For the week following their arrival, I ask comrades and high school students if they’ve ever heard of Zane. The consensus is No. I’m thinking that despite the bio on the website, he might not actually be famous or funny:

Zane Lamprey has starred in shows for MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central and now finds himself in the role of a lifetime…hosting a show about drinking!  From Champagne, France to Jaco, Costa Rica, Zane is on a mission to immerse himself in foreign drinking cultures.  Cheers!

And he surely won’t know crap about beer. I probably won’t like this show.

Anybody notice I’ve used the word crap in this post three times now? Actually, four.


So, finally I watch the shows. They sent me three episodes: Munich, Czech Republic and Gibraltar. I watched them in that order because I was drinking German beer at the time and Gibraltar didn’t sound that beery.

Here’s the premise: Our buddy Zane is cruising to all these destinations around the globe. He first looks for the local hangover cure (which had me thinking, oh, great. Not really the quality over quantity style of drinking that brewvana preaches). Then he drinks the Stuff. Maybe that’s Oktoberfest Adventures. Maybe that’s absinthe. Interspersed is a goodly amount of cultural education, liquid education and silly fun and games.

I liked the show. I’d watch these on purpose. Three Sheets wouldn’t dictate my life like when MTV was showing The Monkees three times a day so many years ago, but I found it both entertaining and educational.

It’s not precisely the drinking show that I’d make, and I really should make one, but it was a good show. Zane wasn’t Eddie Murphy circa Delirious, but he’s an entertaining Drinking-Host-Guy doing a fine job of the Job I’d like to be doing. I need to find a producer.

And I should say that the show really did push me a bit introspective. I get in my beer geek mode, all serious and all moderation and all quality and all scoffy at getting a bit loaded. It’s a good thing that I shun the daily hangover, to be sure. But it’s a fact that if I showed up at Oktoberfest, I’d drink too damn much. And I have to remind myself that that would be entirely okay, once in that great while. With a good friend or a good wife or a TV audience or a good occasion, a couple extra pints would be fine.

Thanks, Zane, for de-geek-ifying me, just a little. While it is about quality, not quantity. It’s also about fun.


One Response to Three Sheets–beer in HD

  1. HL McConnell says:

    J, I’ve watched the show, when I saw a free episode on iTunes. I enjoyed it. Very educational. I miss your beer 🙂 Hope you are well!


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