Beer guy from a kid’s eye

My boys are prolific artists. Among the many pictures of cowboys, cars and super heroes littering our home are a good many portraits of me.

There are pictures of Dad as a cowboy, Dad as a Scottish guy (with a machine gun for a peg leg, even), Dad as an army guy (WWII, Civil War and present day), Dad as a million other guys. They are very special to me, and will one day be framed, all together in a hallway, or my basement pub. Not so much an act of conceit–I just think they are all really cool, and want everyone to see them.

But the really cool ones, I must share with you. Tom did the first one several years ago (he’s only nine at present). I like the beer bandolier. Clearly, it suggests my affection for Guinness, something this small boy picked up on with ease:

Jake did the second one last weekend. It’s self-explanatorily cool–and I don’t just mean because of the six pack abs and well-placed hop cone. Me as Beery Renaissance Man:


3 Responses to Beer guy from a kid’s eye

  1. Boak says:

    C’mon. You did that. Be honest. That is genius.

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