Day-off pleasure

It is Monday, my day off. I did a little work today, but am home relaxing at 1:30 in the afternoon, with a Franziskaner Weissbier at my side. I haven’t had one of these in quite some time, but man, is it good.

A beautiful sunny and pleasant day (after much rain, tornadic activity and flooding), this beer is perfect. It is counter to my Dark Beer Summer plan, but I’ve decided that it is allowable. I didn’t buy it or brew it. Joe brought it by the other day. He is turning into a pretty decent brother/beer guy.

As soon as my fingers stop typing, I’m heading out to the porch to read a little more of Julia Child’s My Life in France. I used to not completely take her seriously, but I’ve come to really like her. One, I understand that she’s a credible cook. Two, despite the book’s focus on her time in France (hence, the title), she also lived in Germany for a while, which gives Julia a little Beer Cred, as well.

She is, of course, better known for her wine enjoyment. But… here are two beer quotes from her early days in speaking German and early tastes:

“The waitress understood me perfectly and smiled nicely as she placed two enormous foaming steins in front of us. My, that beer tasted good.”

and, this one I like not only for its beer-positiveness, but because she’s also observing jackass Americans:

“They drank beer, but only the lighter, American-style beers. What a shame! They were surrounded by some of the most wonderful beers in the world–and, with a 13.5 percent alcohol content, some of the strongest, too–but they deemed the traditional German ales ‘too heavy.’ We quite liked German beers. Our favorite was a flavorful local beer called Nuremberer Lederbrau.”

Yes, Julia is good for a beautiful day. And so is German beer.



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