Marvelling at food marriages

Brats and beer. Or it could be spelled bratsandbeer. The two are like peanut butter and jelly. Beyond PB&J, actually. They’ve been a perfect match for a long, long time.

How does that happen? They’re perfect together. Did the perfection take time? Was one recipe or the other tweaked to match up the pairing qualities? I reckon not, but it is incredible how well they work together. It’s all the better when one is drinking Good Beer. Yet another degree better when imbibing German beer.

I’m nearing the last of my For Those About to Bock, and I needed a good brats and beer moment before the keg kicked. O! My dancing tastebuds! These days I do my best to source the right beer to boil the brats, as the old days of macro lager and brats never seemed to reveal the true relationship, the synergy that these two entities have when put together. Macro drinkers, blabber their mouths though they might, have never had brats and beer in their lives. A shame, indeed.

Because I’m so low on my homebrewed bock supply, I did not use it for the boiling step. I want to savor every drop in the drinking way. So I turned to Millstream’s Schild Brau, an award-winning Vienna lager brewed about three and a half hours from my home. It worked well.

But the tasting and the drinking part. That was for my homebrew. That yummy bite. Chewed with passion. Swallowed with a smile. Then chased by bock. The way those flavors meld into one inspired delight! A little kraut on the side. That’s what I’m talking about.

A good marriage, the kind that lasts forever. No bickering. No money squabbles. No crap lying about the house. No divorces. For this one, it’s not “until death do us part,” but until the end of the world. If it’s possible, this wed will be locked even longer than that.


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