Dandelion Wine

“Just the yellow stuff. No green.”

That’s what the dude was emphatic about, and I could see his point. I took notes on his process, because this stuff was tasty. Yes, one day I would have a yard full of the weeds, and I would do something good with them. Dandelion wine.

Well, one day has arrived, and after a long, cold winter, I’ve got hops in the ground and a green lawn with yellow polka dots. It’s time to get that flowery concoction started.

Basically, his instructions were four cups of dandelion heads and zest of one orange per gallon. Steep overnight before adding sugar and yeast, blah, blah.

The hard part is getting four cups per gallon. I think. Now I’m not sure. Did he mean pick four cups’ worth of heads, then dig out the yellow, or did he mean four cups of yellow stuff? With a sunburn and stained but fragrant fingers, I made an executive decision that what I had was the right amount. I took it to mean four cups of the yellow loveliness. The problem was that they just kept weighting themselves down in the bowl. I was stuck at two cups for 45 minutes. Was that a fluffy or packed four cups per gallon?

Originally, I was going to do five gallons. Half straight-up, and half with an additional pound or two of honey, and a blast of saffron.

Speaking of saffron, I can see why it’s so expensive, after my day with dandelions.

In any case, I settled in on two and a half gallons. It’s steeping now. Tonight, I’ll add five pounds of sugar and remove my hop, er, dandelion sack. And then I’ll wait…


2 Responses to Dandelion Wine

  1. David says:

    One summer during college I worked for Ferry Morse seed company. They actually sold dandelion seeds in small packets. They were always good for threatening a neighbor with planting them. 🙂

  2. Awesome. Keep me posted on the wine, and the condition of your dandelion sack.

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