Beeralicious day of nostalgia

“The first step of the cure is…a kiss.”

–Gene Simmons

It’s been a bloody good day.

I’m on the tail end of brewing my Ceremony Abbey Ale and am soaked in good nostalgia. For one, I haven’t brewed in a while. My last two batches were 10 gallons each and as your math skills might deduce, they’ve lasted twice as long as a fiver. So I’m happy about the variety that this day will bring me in a few weeks, all the more since I intend to double barrel half of this batch (bourbon and red wine).

This beer gets me nostalgic because I’ve got raisins in the fermenter and I can just taste Raison D’Etre (the thing I want out of life) in my head–I haven’t had that Dogfish Head elixir since I left Raleigh nearly a year ago. Been craving it lately. Calling Dr. Love…

The Raleigh thing is a little nostalgic as I’ve spent part of this brew day reading the tale of My Life on Craft’s tour de South. It’s been torture reading Mary’s adventures in some of my old stomping grounds (World Beer Fest, Flying Saucer, The Tavern, Raleigh Times, Jack of the Wood, Sam’s to name a few) and my old beers (Duck-Rabbit, Big Boss, Carolina Brewery, Foothills and Green Man to name a few). All those photos bring my only cringe of the day, as my camera recently hit the pavement.

Can I have a beer blog without a camera? Not a very good one. Can I presently afford a new camera? Not really. To remedy this situation, won’t you please send brewvana an email addressed to Wonderful Beer Wife asking her to help keep brewvana vibrant by buying me a new camera. If we are flooded with pleas, she’ll think I’m famous and important, and break down. I’m just sure of it.

This whole camera thing is made easier to bear today, because this entire brew day has been awash in the crackle of vinyl. My awesome Uncle Jake gave me his turn table, replacing this too-long hole in my heart. It has been Kiss’ Rock and Roll Over–over and over and over again–all day long. This is a big time sentimental album for me. It’s the first I ever owned–I got it for Christmas when I was six years old. My grandma still has a picture of me opening it. No one can air guitar this album like I can–they don’t know where the skips are. (It’s funny how not hearing something for a decade doesn’t matter; I’ve nailed every lick and every skip all day long.)

Great day. Great day. I may even fire up a batch of dandelion wine a little later.

You’re such a jewel in the rough,



2 Responses to Beeralicious day of nostalgia

  1. Bailey says:

    Nice to see a run of posts from you in recent days.

    Shame about your camera, though. You can blog without one, if you make liberal use of Flickr and Picasa and borrow other people’s photos. FLickr in particular makes it easy to search for pics people have put in the public domain or released under Creative Commons.

    And, although I miss your forced perspective shots of hundred foot high beer bottles, the words are lively enough to carry the day until you do get a new camera!

  2. Glenn says:

    To Wonderful Beer Wife,

    Get that poor guy a camera!! He needs to express himself both in words and in pictures. And just think how long he will “owe” you if you give in and let him go shopping! If you are smart like I know you are, you’ll be able to parlay this into all sorts of things.. “hey.. don’t complain that I bought…., I let you get your new camera didn’t I?” comes to mind

    From an old NC friend!!


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