Truth in waning

Dear Readers:

If you’ve been checking in lately, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t been.

If you’ve been reading me for a long time, you’ll have noticed that while beer is a big part of my life, it’s not the only part, certainly not the most important. My family is.

Right now, I’m heavily involved in opening a restaurant, and you would be concerned at how good a job I was doing, how committed I’d be, how flippant I was toward supporting my family, how reasonably good a business owner I’d be if I were spending my time reading and writing blog posts.

The fact is that my brewvana posting isn’t going to get more prolific in the coming days. Sitting down for this one has taken some discipline. For a couple of weeks now, it’s been like that dreaded feeling the night before returning to school after Christmas vacation.

I’m not saying there is no more brewvana. There’ll always be brewvana, in my life, and in yours. Especially if you approach it in a spirit of balance. Quality, not quantity. As much about life as it has been about beer, this site is about harmony, beer and joy. If you’ve only just found me, take time to read some of my older musings. I think there’s good-attitude value to be found here. Whether you’re new or old to brewvana, now would be a great time to subscribe to my RSS feed.

I’ll definitely post from time to time. Something cool might happen. I may take a trip. I’m seriously trying to make it to this year’s Great Taste in Madison. But to save you time, the RSS would be a good move for you. It’ll give you one more click of time for your own family, something I’d say is important.

Brewvana‘s first anniversary is fast approaching, and I’ll be putting together some goodies in a week or two. So it’s not over, just mellower. Enjoy your beer life, as I will be, albeit in a less-writing-about-it way.

Peace and Pints!


PS-if you’d like to contribute to keep brewvana vibrant, with or without my own presence, shoot me an email.


One Response to Truth in waning

  1. Boak says:

    All the best with the enterprise! We’re still reading.

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