Why you shouldn’t have to be 21 to look at a beer site

Rock Bottom-West Des MoinesI really value all my readers and the comments they make on this site. There have been many good views expressed and many positive words on the content I post.


However, all you old-fart, beer enthusiast, blog readers got blown away this week by my favorite comment of all time:

Thank You for this very nice report about Rock Bottom. My dad is Eric Sorensen, the brewmaster, now i know what he does at work all the time and how he makes others happy.Thanks, Jade

I’m sorry, but that’s freaking beautiful.

From my stats, I can discern that Jade found my blog by searching for her old man. These days, not only is it easier for parents to check up on their kids, but it’s possible for kids to check up on their parents’ job performance, as well. In this case, the pride swells for a young lady reading some dorky beer lover’s comments on her dad’s beers.

It is a fact: Eric Sorensen, at the Rock Bottom in West Des Moines, is putting out some excellent beers. We stop in as often as our trips to Des Moines allow. In additiona to a solid regular tap list and tasty seasonal offerings, he has rotating stouts, rotating wheat beers, and nearly always something served on cask.

Good stuff.

Probably a good kid, too.


In the neighborhood? Here’s a map.


One Response to Why you shouldn’t have to be 21 to look at a beer site

  1. Bailey says:

    That’s a great comment. Enough to make a man feel a bit emotional.

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