Thirsty Thursday–Summit’s Great Northern Porter

Summit’s Great Northern PorterBecause it’s cold and northern-like, I figured on a beer from a land both cold and Northern for today.

If you’re from a Southern location, you just can’t relate to what is happening in my neck of the woods. Unlike many around here, I’m not complaining. Snow and a better version of cold is one of the reasons I returned to these parts. Here’s what the weather’s been like: snow, cold, snow, melting mud, cold, snow, snow, some warming, then cold. After yet another whitening early this week (which followed two days that reached the 50s and 60s), we’re in a meltingish phase.

For the last two days, the County hasn’t allowed the school buses on the gravel roads, so we have to cart the boys a couple miles to pavement in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. While our road isn’t as rutted as some, my Jeep is a muddy mess. Last week I picked up some equipment in Des Moines and one of the guys helping me load was all: “Dude, you been out four-wheelin’?”

“Uh, sorta. Just daily life stuff. Getting a gallon of milk. Coming home from work. It’s where/how I live.”

This winter is all my fault. I asked God for it, and He gave it to all of us. Sorry. Next year won’t be this bad. It’s just that I’ve been away for so long. This one had to be a good one. Or a bad one. Depending on how you look at it. I’m enjoying it. But it’s getting old, I’ll admit.

So, anyway, a beer from up North: Summit Brewing Company’s Great Northern Porter, from St. Paul, Minnesota. Lotsa roasty goodness here. I had this beer on tap once, served way too cold. It was the last beer before heading off to a concert and we decided we were a bit short on time. I had to just drink it. It was good, but hadn’t warmed enough to really bring out the flavors. I drank it in a situation that was unopinionformable, if you don’t mind me making up words.

This time I’m at leisure. I could stick this in the microwave if I wanted. I’ve done it before. But no. Just let it hit its stride. Ahh. There it is. Roasty, almost a touch acrid, but just a suggestion. Tasty. Their website mentions a lightness of body and I won’t disagree with that. I wouldn’t care if they mashed it four degrees higher, but then I wouldn’t care if they didn’t.

Nice. Check it out if you get a chance.


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