Hang out in brewvana this weekend

You don’t have to win a contest or anything!

I don’t know if any brewvana readers will be around Des Moines this weekend, but I will. If you wanna get together for a beer, shoot me an email–jwmongrel [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

We’ll be hitting Court Avenue Restaurant and Brewing Company on Friday evening for dinner and beers. After that, El Bait Shop. And for a nightcap, The Red Monk. I have no intention of getting loopy, as I need to be fit to judge at the IBU Open on Saturday. Still, I want to check out those three places and would love to meet some of you. If you’re going to be at the competition, let me know.

Lessee…Friday, I’ll be wearing my new Flogging Molly shirt (pre-ordered their new album, which arrived today!), and Saturday, something beery, like everyone else. Uh, how about North Carolina beery? Yep, that’ll be me.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds,



One Response to Hang out in brewvana this weekend

  1. Rob Emmerson says:

    I judged with a J. Wilson, if that was you, good judging with you.


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