Thirsty Thursday–Rogue Monk Madness

Rogue Monk Madness (check out Kyle’s hair in the background)As soon as he got finished with his hair appointment, my bro-in-low Kyle was ready for a beer. He’s been grooving on the Rogue lineup in his Walk with Better Beer, and recently snagged a bottle of Monk Madness for us to try.

With excitement and good cheer, Jimmy and I obliged, neither having tried this one previously.  I’d been looking forward to this one. I could have approached it with a bad attitude, thinking, ah, this is gonna suck and not taste no Belgian.

You see, I was aware that it utilized Rogue’s signature PacMan yeast, itself a far cry from what one might expect from the character of a Belgian yeast. And since Belgian beers are so marked by their yeast…

But not me, friends. Good attitude, just interested in what this beer might offer.

What doth Rogue say?:

“Monk Madness Ale is brewed with 12 ingredients: 2-row Pale, Belgian Munich, Belgian Special B, Weyermann Melonodon, and Amber Malts; Belgian Nobles, Chinook, Amarillo, Centennial, and Summit Hops; along with free-range coastal water and Rogues proproetary PacMan Yeast.”

What doth Wilson say?:

I liked it. Was it packed with spicy, yeast-driven phenols? No. What was it then? I found it to be an exercise in what malt can do. The Belgian Munich, Belgian Special B and melanoidin came forward in a tasty way. The hops were there for balance and support only. Using these ingredients, Monk Madness is a nod to Belgium without being Belgian.

In perusing Rogue’s website, I noticed that, due to a shortage of the specialty malts, this beer is not in production during the winter of ’07-’08. I don’t know when the last batch was brewed, but that could mean that this bottle has been sitting around a while. It’s held up well. This was a nice beer, and one that would go well with about any meal, as far as I’m concerned: burgers, cheeses, pancakes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll drink this beer again.


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