More than 15 Things I Miss About Raleigh and NC

…in no particular order and not necessarily beer-related

1. NC breweries (especially Duck-Rabbit, Foothills, Pisgah, Green Man, Big Boss and Carolina Brewery)

2. A few beer bars (like The Raleigh Times, The Flying Saucer, Milltown and Barley’s Taproom)

3. Sam’s

4. CARBOY homebrew club and related people and shenanigans

5. A few specific beers that I can’t get here (Nostradamus, Rodenbach Grand Cru, stuff from Unibroue, Ommegang and Allagash, Midas Touch, Immort Ale, Avery’s Reverend and Czar, North Coast Old Stock Ale and a buncha other Belgians too depressing to mention

6. Heather and Paul

7. Old co-workers (some, not all, as you might expect, double missingness to those that are reading this without being pestered–Ken and Matt)

8. A few restaurants (like Sushi Blues, NeoMonde Deli, that Mexican place on Peace Street that’s changed hands so many times I can’t remember what it’s called, I Love NY Pizza and Lilly’s Pizza)

9. Miscellaneous food related: LocoPops in Durham, Eastern NC BBQ, Sweet Tea, The Third Place, warm Krispy Kremes on Person

10. World Beer Festival

11. The Mountains

12. Cat’s Cradle

13. mixing sound

14. Karen and Don Juan’s Oyster Roasts

15. My uncle and his family (Alan, Jane, Z, Eminemily and Lela)


6 Responses to More than 15 Things I Miss About Raleigh and NC

  1. Matt says:

    We miss you too!!

  2. beerinator says:

    I’m with you on the BBQ! (and a few of the other things, although I don’t know of or miss Karen or Don Juan’s Oysters or any of those other people).

  3. Dave says:

    J, come on back and help us judge for Shamrock!! (March 15) We’d love to have you…and you can build in some time for some of the other things on your list, too! And if you can’t make Shamrock, feel free to come any time you want (try to fit in a 4th Wed.)…and enter a beer…

  4. David says:

    Well another brewery is coming downtown called Sidetrack. The mexican place on Peace just closed for good. LocoPops is getting a Raleigh location. Neomondes is making a downtown Raleigh location. And we wrote about them all on .. You sound like the kind of person we miss in Raleigh too.

  5. glennh2os says:

    And to top it all off Apex is getting a Tylers!! Come on back anytime!!

  6. Alan says:

    The feeling is mutual. Hope to see you soon at the Electric Burrito though.

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